Pardon The Interruption

For those of you who still haven’t noticed, Textonic has officially and finally moved to, unfortunately all the comments have been lost but the posts are all still there, well most of them are at least.



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Textonic Has Moved

Textonic has moved from it’s present location to a new location, duh. So update your links and hop on over to (thanks Evan)

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Busy Body

Lots of shit going on, very busy, no time to blog, updates soon.

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Web 2.0 as a Guide

Over the past, I’d say, year and a half the term Web 2.0 has been thrown around an awful lot, but with no true definition it’s hard to peg the meaning of the word. For some its definition is a style (subtle gradients, shines, and beta tags), while for others it’s a term used simply to describe the change in technologies used on the web today (AJAX, Ruby on Rails, etc.). I personally see Web 2.0 as a guide more than anything.

While I don’t live or swear by it, I think many do. As a guide the term Web 2.0 gives us a vision of something more intricate, more advanced, yet easier to understand. It produces thoughts of products like Flickr or YouTube. With all of their features and technical intricacies they still remain two of the simplest tools on the web. Web 2.0 is the thought that design and the tools we use to communicate can be advanced and visually pleasing, yet simple at the same time.

This, to me, is the true meaning of the term Web 2.0. I realize I’ve just blabbered on about the most over talked about subject of the year, but with so many different definitions around I just had to throw my own opinion in.

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Friendship Sucks

What do you do when all of your friends hate you for one reason or another? My best friend wants to fight me because he assumes i’m only dating my girlfriend to get in her pants, my other friend thinks I stole his stolen iPod, and through all this most of my other friends have found a way to be mad at me too.

It’s time like these I wish I’d moved out of state when I had the chance. I could have made new friends and started over fresh, but no, I just had to come back. Friendship, and life in general, really sucks. I hate being in situations where trying to do the right thing makes you the bad guy. I genuinely like my girlfriend, I didn’t steal the iPod, and I honestly didn’t do anything to get everyone so pissed off at me. Well, I guess there’s always the internet, the only place where I can confide in true friends.

If you have any advice at all please throw it my way.


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Being Sick Sucks

Yeah, I’m coming down with something, i think i picked it up from my mom and my stepdad. My nose is all stuffed up, I can’t breathe, and worst of all I’m gonna miss the biggest party of the year tomorrow night. But on the bright side, i’ll finally be able to get Textonic transferred over to my own host.

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And the Week Ends…

Ahhhh, so the school week has finally come to a close. After finally getting completely enrolled and actually attending school Thursday and Today I can safely say that i’m not nearly as nervous as I was Thursday. I realized that being out of public school for three years hasn’t really changed much. My same friends are still around, we all still do the same stupid things, and school is just as laid back as I remembered it.

I’m not completely happy with my schedule, but it’s better than not being back in school at all. For the most part my day is boring. I complete four tiny warmup exercises, one for each of my classes, and the entire other portion of time i’m stuck in my desk chatting with friends, drawing, or playing drums with my pencils. It’s really rather uneventful.

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