Work is tough…

Well, web design is a very tough business. I had some clients lined up to get me some work for the next two months or so. The first one, Scion Static, which is a hosting company, had contracted me to design a website for them. In return they would give me 3 months of free hosting and a good amount of free advertising. Now, I have been working on this website for about three months now. I finished it up this past weekend and sent it to David, the owner, on Sunday night. I recieved an email on Tuesday saying that he had decided not to use my design, without notifying me. Now, I made this desing to be completely CSS and XHTML strict, and it validated perfectly fine. The best part, it was really nice and clean. Anyway, the email he sent me was really long, and had a lot of information that really ticked me off.

First, his phone was dead for the whole weekend, so I had no way of contacting him. Second, he recieved 3 professional templates a few days before. Now, these templates, from what I can guess, are nowhere near valid, and if they’re anything like the designs he has made, they aren’t very good. Check out his website to see what I mean. Now that I’m done ranting and raving about that, I’ve got some more work coming.

I’ve been working on finishing up an HTML and CSS online refresher course, and as my final project I have to make a website for a non-profit organization in my area. It doesn’t have to be non-profit, but it helps. Anyway, many students had done law firms, so I called a bunch of them. I got a call back from one of them today letting me know they weren’t interested in a FREE website. But the lady I spoke with was nice and asked anybody in the office if they needed a website. To my luck, the receptionist has a nephew with cancer and they need a website. So I’ll be working on that for the next few weeks.

And finally, I’ve been looking for a PHP developer to work for me. I came across a developer on one of my favorite websites, Grey Cobra, and he is also in need of a website for his hosting company. So, I think we can work out something where he works for me, and in return I make the two websites he needs for free. One, like I mentioned, is for his hosting company. And the other is for an anime website based around Naruto I’m guessing. This should be good for me because he is also very profficient in ASP and other coding languages.

So, I hope this all come sthrough and I can actually start working for money for a change. Oh yeah, one last thing, the kid who decided not to use my template is deciding to start his own web design company, called iPro Labs. And the name iPro Labs is copyrighted already.



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3 responses to “Work is tough…

  1. Wow. That web site you pointed out is indeed a DOG!! Ouch!

  2. exl

    Wow, i visited that site Scion Static and i’d have to say the layout was terrible. One of the worst i’ve ever seen.

  3. He’ll be redesigning it soon. And for my efforts he gave me three months free hosting.

    I’ve got three new clients right now anyway. Just landed a new one literally five minutes ago

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