Feed readers

I’m tired of not being able to find a good feed reader for Windows that reads RSS and Atom feeds, and any other kind you can think of. Anyway, I was reading about the launch of NewNewsWire 2.0, and decided to start looking for a good reader for Windows. So I did what I always do, I asked my dad to find one. Now, the main purpose of this search was so that I didn’t have to use the feed reader from the security hole filled Firefox, or some other browser.

First we found a nice one called Spot. It was good and had a nice, clean layout, but there were a lot of absent features. It couldn’t even read my blogger feed, so we dumped that one and found another, called Abilon News Aggregator. It works really well and has a lot of cool features. First of all, it can handle any type of feed, and you can easily store them. You can also save special feed items in a folder called Memories, so you can go back to them quickly without having to search for the feeds all over again. It also has a built in web browser, unfortunately IE based, so you can view the actual feed item without having to load up your regular browser.

Also, you can set it up so you can easily post items on your blog without even having to log in to your control panel. It is compatible with Blogger, MovableType, and many other popular blogging tools. And you can also set it up to manage incoming HTML code to remove coding from the website that may be dangeorus, like scripts. I guess this is a good thing if the feed you’re reading comes from an untrustworthy website

Anyway, I highly suggest downloading this if you’re a Windows user looking for a good reader. It is fast, easy to use, and highly customizeable.


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