E3 Phone Home

Well, E3 is finally over in California, and here’s my take on the most important things I saw. Who cares about the Playstation anymore? Well, okay, I still do, but decided not to write about it just yet. I’ll save that for a whole nother post. Anyway, it’s a long read, so you may want to settle in before you start reading. E3 ’05 was great, and I enjoyed every minute of it… from my recliner in my bedroom. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to Cali for this one. Maybe next year.

Microsoft Xbox 360 – A technical masterpiece, this is the console that thousands have been waiting for. From what I can see the Xbox 360 will replace all other types of media displays from CD Players to DVD Players. The Xbox 360, originally called the Xbox Next, is a super powerful, wireless media center that can play games, music, movies and even access the internet without the need of troublesome modifications. Get ready gamers, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. Now, if I understood correctly on the MTV display a few weeks ago the 360 will feature something called the Xbox Market, or something to that extent where you can buy clothes, weapons, and other accessories for your in game characters. Could you imagine Master Chief in baggy jeans, a bandana, and some iced out chains? This brings me to my next few questions. What can we expect as far as lineup goes? Will there be a Halo 3? Which games are going to be ready by launch time? One game I’m looking forward to is the new Perfect Dark game. I can still remember the original being a favorite of mine on the Nintendo 64 a few years back. And I can also remember myself using the “Perfect Dark” font quite frequently too. Now, the 360 looks nothing like its predecessor, and all games will be played in high-def (and they’ll all have Xbox Live capabilities). Along with less character and scenery distortion the 360 also has video capabilities, so you’ll actually be able to have live video chats with your friends, colleagues, whatever. Who needs iChat AV after that? The Xbox 360 is due out by this holiday season.

Movie Games – All of these next generation consoles will see some movie based games hitting shelves. In recent years games like Mortal Kombat and Goldeneye, along with others like Spiderman have really made move based games really popular. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be their favorite movie heroine, whether it be swinging through the skies of New York or slicing up baddies withy a nice pair of claws? Some hot new movie based games you’ll be seeing soon are The Godfather and Scarface. Two classic gangster movies that make grown men cry. Scarface throws you right into the movie, where you’ll play as Tony Montana, while The Godfather takes an almost RPG like mood. You’re tossed into the streets where you’ll have to work your way up to the top of a very notorious gang. Now, of course you’ll also be seeing a new Mortal Kombat game, and if there are any new superhero movies there’ll of course be an accompanying game. But that’s not all. The most anticipated you ask? Well, of course it’s everyone’s favorite gang war movie, The Warriors; you do remember the guy with the bottles on his fingers, don’t you? Anyway, this GTA-like game is produced by Rockstar Games and is one nonstop gang war marathon. It is due out in October 2005 and is not yet rated.

Racing Games – Racing games are proving to be the single most fun to play. Last year Burnout: Takedown launched to mass acclaim. I guess people enjoy driving fast and crashing fast. This year you can expect a new Burnout Game, title Revenge. More cars, more speed, and more accidents waiting just for you. With millions of ways to wreck your car you’re pretty much guaranteed to never see the same crash twice. Another good one is LA Rush, a Stuntman like game without all of those stupid stunts and games. It’s basically a rush through Hollywood in what would seem like a Gone in 60 Seconds car boosting spree. Finally there’s Full Auto, a destroy all game that definitely has its roots deep in the Twisted Metal series. With tricked out cars and loud guns, along with a nifty rewind feature you can destroy almost anything at any time. It’s all that and a bag of chips.

Football – Now, pretty much every single gamer has played Madden, am I right? Well, this year we’ll see a new Madden game, and we’ll also see the anti-Madden. Madden 2006 is looking great and is pretty much a sports RPG. You can play throughout multiple seasons while building up your character, and the whole time you’ll enjoy stunning graphics made possible only by the Xbox 360. Madden will also feature a new look and pass feature e, meaning you’ll actually have tot urn your QB in the directions he’s throwing in order to make more accurate passes. Now onto the anti-Madden. Many of you may remember playing Blitz in arcades, correct? Well, it’s back and better than ever. Blitz: The League, is the newest Blitz game and is proving to be one violently fun game. In Blitz you can do things that would get you jail time in real life, and because the game isn’t licensed in any way by the NFL, nobody really cares. For example, you can rip a player’s helmet off and beat him with it during the middle of a play, and the ref will do nothing about it. But wait, there is no referee. How fun is that?

Comic Book Games – X-Men Legends was a great game when it came out late last year, and almost everybody wanted it. Though X-Men may seem a little childish, this game was anything but. X-Men Legends 2 made its debut at E3 and proves to be a most enjoyable play. The two forces have combined and now you have control of more than double the powers you had in X-Men Legends 1. The other big comic book game to be launched soon in Unlimited Spiderman, a comic book styled game with all the action you’d expect from our favorite web slinger. In the game you’ll be able to play as Spidey himself and all of his different counterparts too.

War Games – Call of Duty 2, Ghost Recon 3, Quake 4 How long have we waited for these titles? I know I’ve been waiting for what seems like a millennia. Quake is finally back with a FPS better than ever. Not much to say here. You have to have played the others to truly understand the logic that is Quake. Now, Call of Duty may not seem important to many. But when its first title launched last year it made quite a stir around those gamers sucked into Medal of Honor. Now Call of Duty 2 is scheduled for launch, and this is definitely a game to play with the volume cranked up to 11 (for all of those Spinal Tap fans), as most of your directions will be shouted at you by AI controlled teammates. Finally, if you’re more of a deep jungle, under cover war hero type of guy you may want to check out Ghost Recon 3 when it hits stores, probably in 2006. The first two were full of heart-stopping action and allowed you to explore areas like drug covered Brazil and Columbia.



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  1. Dude, how does someone get hold of you? There is no email address anywhere on your site. 😦

  2. I don’t really like to give out my email. I currently have an account that gets no spam at all, and I’d like to keep it that way. Send me an email at webfuz73@webfuziondesign.com, and then I’ll get back to you on my secure account.

    or just join my forums and send me a PM, that’s the easiest way. I’m on there quite frequently

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