Burnout, watch your back

Okay, I recently got my hands on an early, full version copy of FlatOut, an awesome, new, destroy-all racing game, similar to Burnout, the leader in this genre. How did I get an early copy, you may be asking? A friend of mine let me borrow it. How did he get it? I have no clue and don’t want to know. Anyway, this game is awesome.

I haven’t played much of it yet, but from what I can see the main point is to destroy your car as much as humanly possible while trying ot complete insane stunts and races. The best part, almost every single physical object in the game can be destroyed, and it doesn’t disappear after you destroy it. It just sits in the middle of the road or whatever waiting for stupid drives to come by and smash into it. The game is so addictive.

During races you have nitrous boosts, which last quite a while and are great for head on crashes. Now if you can only manage to get a hold of the OPM demo, then I suggest driving around backwards instead of finishing the race. This way, the demo last longer and you get to beat your car to a pulp while mercilessly throwing unsuspecting drivers through their windshields. In one sense, the game reminds me of childish antics from games like the Dukes of Hazzard, but in another sense it reminds me of Burnout 3 and Takedown. In fact, reviewers even mentioned that “Burnout should be rather concerned”. At the IGN Best of E3 awards it took home runner up for Most Innovative Design and Biggest Surprise.

Now, races may be fun, but the stunt challenges are what really make the game enjoyable. On the demo you can perform the high jump, in which you drive your car straight up a ramp, and then using a special type of nitrous boost you launch your driver through the window, competing to see how high you can make him go. You have three tries, and at the end of them your distance is counted up. My current record is 318.6 Meters. Pretty good, huh? Though I haven’t quite figured it out, I believe the nitrous used in stunts is stored under the seat, and when hit it pushes the seat up, launching the drive through the windshield. It makes me wonder whether the people who made this game were even concerned about seatbelts.

Overall, the game gets a 9 out of 10 in my books, and is definitely woth $50, for the fun factor if not the gameplay itself. The game is produced by Empire Interactive and Bugbear Entertainment Ltd and is out in stores now. The game features 36 terrifying tracks and 16 fully upgradeable cars, along with unlimited damage and more, plus an awesome soundtrack. You can visit the FlatOut website at flatoutgame.com.



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3 responses to “Burnout, watch your back

  1. Ooo…Coolness. Maybe I could dress in my Jet-Black ninja outfit and steal it from your house? ^_^

    Seriously, you don’t know how your friend got it….>.>

  2. nope, have no clue at all

  3. yo man that’s a bootleg game.
    awesome. i played the game but i
    found it disapointing. at the
    most i see it entertaining me
    for 30 minutes. a good game can
    entertain a person for a year.
    like mafia the best game in da world. THE STREETS WILL FLOW WITH THE BLOOD OF THE NON BELIEVERS. BY:
    your future dictator. Zellian zeerus is a cool name but it doesn’t sound powerful Zellian is a name that strikes fear. the best part of the bootleg game is shooting that dude in the air. they should have him bleeding or disfigured though. graphics could be better. Todd king next door neighbor. also 14. i’m setting up my blog its Zellian11242.

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