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Okay, well, I decided to make some advertising banners for the blog. I basically used a simple photoshop tutorial and added some text and slogans. What do you think? Oh yeah, this post was made using Photobucket’s blogging tool, which you can set up to send posts to your Blogger, LiveJournal, etc. account.



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2 responses to “Some ads

  1. Hey, I’m interested in what you do. I too am looking to begin a career in webdesign and multimedia. I’m 14 and was just wondering if you’ve been very successful yet. I’d like to talk more, so please email me at or contact me via msn messenger with the same email. Looking forward to talking with you.

  2. Hey Ryan, I just sent yout he email you requested. Hopefully It’s helpful to you. I had another 14 year old web designer ask me for some business tips, so I have a ton of those lying around too if you need them.

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