First off, I’d just like to say welcome to any users who may come across this blog at its new home. I’ve been planning a name change and redesign for quite a while now, but unfortuantely all I have been able to do at this point is change the name and URL. Now, welcome to Textonic.

Basically the name is derived from drinking. Tonic is a very notable drink, and textonic is your regular drink of text. What I’m trying to say is, on a regular basis you’ll get some really great articles, which will act as your drink of text for the day. Okay, I’m a little confused myself, but it sounds cool none the less.

That’s pretty much it. I have a few articles planned soon. Some will be project updates, and others will be media reviews and personal things. Currently I’m writing a newspaper article and working on a few new clients, so you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t post often enough.


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