June Links

Well, since Blogger doesn’t support a second feed for the links sectiont hey provide I’ll just have to make an entire post for links at the end of each month. As you’ll notice pretty much all of my links are web design and hacking related. And when I say hacking I mean the art of building things from scratch or taking other things apart and rebuilding them.

  • On MouseOut – Mike Davidson finally left Disney after four and a half years. Probably one of the biggest bits of news this month.
  • DC Hoops – combine Hoops and the DC shoes training facility for an insane video. Via Mr. Moll
  • Blinksale – The web app many designer have been waiting for. Firewheel Design brings us a tool that allows you to send CSS formatted memos, contracts, etc anywhere.
  • Mac OS on Dell? – this would be great for me, but Apple isn’t biting. Via Ground Zero News.
  • Billy Corgan – Billy Corgan, formerly of the Smashing Pumpkins just released a solo album, is making a movie, and plans to reunite the Pumpkins, without even telling them! Via Jaredigital
  • Mailinator – kill the spam. Kind of like Spam.la, only better. Via Shaun Inman.
  • Site Piracy – Digital Nirvana has been not only ripping designs like MORE LLC, but they’ve also been caliming to make them from scratch. They’ve ripped MORE, a Zen Garden entry, and a few other notable designs. Discussion here.
  • IE7 and Longhorn public demo – this should be interesting. I want to try both so bad.

Well, that’s the cream of the crop for links this month. I’ll have more around this time in July. If I find anything else until then I’ll add it to this post. Enjoy!


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