Small Changes / MPH

Okay, well, as you may or may not have noticed, I made a few tiny changes to the look of the blog. Nothing that will get me an award or anything, just some simple pieces of flare, I guess you could say. First of all, I replaced the links menu with a list of buttons that link to my favorite websites, or sites that I believe are essential for designers and web browsers in general. If you think your site is worthy drop a comment or send me a message on my forums and I’ll get back to you.

Second, you may notice that little banner at the top of the page. I recently placed that tiny little piece of code on all of my websites, save for my portfolio (still waiting for my hosting period to end, so I don’t really touch that anymore). Every day over 30,000 children die as a result of extreme poverty. Click that little banner and show your support. It’s maily a UK thing, but as long as I’m supporting a worthy cause it’s staying up there.

Finally, as a result of spam I have removed my email completely. Luckily the spam has slowed down to about 1 email per week, but I still don’t want to take the risk of putting my email back up and then getting fifty spam emails a day. So if you need to contact me just post a comment with your email, or send me a personal message on my forums, which require a quick and painless registration.



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2 responses to “Small Changes / MPH

  1. Anonymous

    just testing out a new commenting system 

    Posted by Zeerus

  2. just another test comment
    I was thinking about using a new system, but I switched back tot he default comment system

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