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Checking pulse

Yeah… yep… that seems right. Yes, it is official; I’m still very much alive. Sorry for not letting you all know, but I was on vacation with my family. My Uncle and Cousins came down to visit from Massachusetts, and I must say, it was one of the best weeks of my life. They arrived last Saturday, so the next day we drove for about an hour until we reached the home they were staying in. On a side note, they got a great deal. They got their own 4 bed / 3 bath home with a fully equipped Lincoln Navigator and access to a luxury hotel at all times, and all for a great price. Now back to the full story. Sunday we went tot heir house and spent most of the day swimming. After about 3 hours at their pool we went to the hotel and went in that pool. Not a very exciting first day, but I enjoyed catching up with family none the less.

So, we took a day off and I spent Monday working on some of my clients. After a long day of work I was extremely relieved when Tuesday rolled around. At about 8 AM they pulled up to our house, Navigator and all, and we took off towards Busch Gardens and Adventure Islands. A few detours later and we ended up at Clearwater Beach. Now, most people call Tuesday the most boring day of the week. Trust me, it wasn’t here. After cruising around for about thirty minutes we signed up for parasailing. Me and my cousin Jared (12) went up together, and my sister went with my cousin Jessica (14). But no, the fun didn’t stop there. I ended up sitting across from a very attractive girl my age on the boat, and ended up with her number by the end of the day.

We finished parasailing at about 2 PM and hopped over to a family owned Italian restaurant where we had a nice lunch. Another little side note. A large group (Read: 20) of local police officers sat down right next to us just as a video was playing of a high speed chase. In the end a cop car went flying through a brick wall at 90 MPH. We had a little discussion and asked them if they were ever on COPS, and then took off for the beach again. Well, I don’t want to bore you all, so I’ll wrap this up quickly. We went Jet Skiing, and then the next day we went to Busch Gardens. We then went out for a family dinner, then they went out to the swamps Thursday to see some alligators. They left for Mass earlier today (Friday).

Now on to some other news. I’ll be redesigning my company website soon, and also have a redesign planned for my forums. I am in the process of wrapping up a few clients, and received an interesting, blog-related offer yesterday. I’ll let you in on that in the near future. That’s all for now, look forward to some design changes soon, and a brand new, in-depth article to go with it.



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The Photoshop Effect

Well, I turn 15 on Thursday, but the majority of my presents have already come. So far I’ve received full copies of Adobe Photoshop CS2, SWiSH max, and SlideShowPro, the most excellent Flash component by Todd Dominey. I also got a $350 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W5 digital camera, and I love it! And, to top everything off I purchased some cool web design magazines, and because I registered Photoshop I get 2 free issues of Layers Magazine. Then, last night we went out for a lovely birthday dinner at Olive Garden. And my mom still keeps insisting she hasn’t given me her present. What more do I need?

Now, to the main point of this article. Being an owner of a legal copy of Adobe Photoshop feels so good. I love being able to turn on my computer and see a wallpaper that I made. I love seeing that tiny Photoshop Icon on my startup menu, and I love knowing that I’m doing things right. Not so long ago I was thinking about cracking Photoshop, but turned it down to continue using my legal version of Paint Shop Pro. Now that I’ve used, and still am using a legal version of this program I realise just how wrong it is to pirate software. So, what I’m saying is, if you’re serious about designing, pay for your programs in full. If it’s just a quick hobby use something like The GIMP, or buy a cheaper program like PSP.


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Review: Batman Begins

Well, I thought last Friday was going to be a pretty uneventful day, but I was horribly wrong. First off, my good friend Todd stayed the night and so we were up till about 3:30 AM chatting and watching the most recent version of The Alamo on DVD. Then, on Friday my sister, her friend, and my mom took off to go to a theme park or two, leaving Todd and I alone with my dad. Then everything turned around when my dad told us to get dressed. After about a thirty minute drive we ended up at Taco Bell and then the movies. Now, I had just seen War of the Worlds the week before, so going again was quite a surprise.

We walked into Batman Begins at about 3:00 PM and sat down for the previews. Harry Potter 4 is coming out in November, along with a ton of other great movies, like The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. The movie began with a bang. We enter with Bruce Wayne beating the snot out of some chinese inmates, and then follow with his jail release and a subsequent trip to the top of the mountain, where he will be trained in the ways of the shadows. Anyway, I don’t want to give up the whole movie, mainly because there’s a lot that happens. I give the movie an “A plus” and suggest everyone go and see it. By the way, crazy people are awesome. I need to get some of that halucinogen for myself.

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Happy 4th

Just wanted to wish a happy 4th of July to everyone out there. I had something planned for the forums today, but work prevented me from pulling it off. Anyway, my birthday is in 17 days, and the WFD 1st Anniversary is in 27 days, so look out for more news on that.

Well, enjoy the holiday and be safe. I’ll be attending a fireworks show downtown tonight, and may come back to light off some fireworks with neighbors after that. I’ll let you know how everything goes. Also, if anyone in the Central Florida area is interested in attending a WFD member meetup let me know and I’ll give you more details. Either post a comment and I’ll email you back, or contact me on my forums.

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Review: War of the Worlds

Dear Mr. Spielberg,

I just saw your new movie, War of the Worlds. It was excellent. Based upon a classic story by HG Wells, War of the Worlds is a tale of aliens and war. I wont give away the entire movie, but I will give you my thoughts. WOTW was a brilliant movie, both in concept and presentation. The special effects were stunning, down to the design of tiny, 3d amoeba. Lighting was superb as was the acting.

Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning lead the movie, starring as a father-daughter pair in the midst of an intergallactic war. Justin Chatwin stars as the angst-filled, rebellious teenage son, hoping to start his own life away from his father. As the story evolves Robbie (Chatwin) and Rachel (Fanning), begin to move closer to their real father, Ray (Cruise), and move farther away from their step father, Tim (David Alan Basche). With all of this going on you wouldn’t think they’d have time to fend off alien fiends, would you? Either way, War of the Worlds is a must see movie, and I’m sure it will make a ton in theatres this summer. I can’t wait for the DVD release. The only negative aspect of the movie is the fact that they failed to tie everything together (the reason the aliens attacked, the reason why they were sucking the blood from bodies, and the explanation behind the freezing cold stones, etc.), and the ending was very sudden and non-interesting. Morgan Freeman, however, did a good job of explaining the opening and ending scenes, even if his voice was a little flat. My father gives the movie an “A Minus”. I, on the other hand, give it an “A Plus”.

War of the Worlds

War of the worlds is rated PG-13 for frightening scenes of sci-fi violence and disturbing images, along with brief language. It runs for 116 minutes and is classified under the Science Fiction genre.

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