The Photoshop Effect

Well, I turn 15 on Thursday, but the majority of my presents have already come. So far I’ve received full copies of Adobe Photoshop CS2, SWiSH max, and SlideShowPro, the most excellent Flash component by Todd Dominey. I also got a $350 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W5 digital camera, and I love it! And, to top everything off I purchased some cool web design magazines, and because I registered Photoshop I get 2 free issues of Layers Magazine. Then, last night we went out for a lovely birthday dinner at Olive Garden. And my mom still keeps insisting she hasn’t given me her present. What more do I need?

Now, to the main point of this article. Being an owner of a legal copy of Adobe Photoshop feels so good. I love being able to turn on my computer and see a wallpaper that I made. I love seeing that tiny Photoshop Icon on my startup menu, and I love knowing that I’m doing things right. Not so long ago I was thinking about cracking Photoshop, but turned it down to continue using my legal version of Paint Shop Pro. Now that I’ve used, and still am using a legal version of this program I realise just how wrong it is to pirate software. So, what I’m saying is, if you’re serious about designing, pay for your programs in full. If it’s just a quick hobby use something like The GIMP, or buy a cheaper program like PSP.



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3 responses to “The Photoshop Effect

  1. Matt Hampel

    Well, congratulations! You’ll have to update your sidebar now…

  2. good to see someone’s read this blog. Yeah, I have to update that. I need to put a link to SSP, ndanother one to my Flickr account. I’m too busy with work right now though.

  3. This is Ghetto from the IFSZ, and yes it does feel good to own a legal copy of PSCS2 doesnt it, i have one too, im so glad i can make stuff for my forums now and all. Congrats, and yeah what else could you need? You already have more than what i get. 😦


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