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What’s in the works?

Well, it seems I’ve been named student of the month in my Web Design II class. First of all, I’d like to thank my parents, my sister, and my pets. Without them none of this would have been possible. I’d also like to thank Google, for absolutely no reason, and would love to give a shoutout to WebFuzion Media, my employer. Okay, that was all a joke, but seriously, I’m honored to be Student of the Month. Now that my pseudo-VMA speech is over, let’s move on to the business at hand. Ms. 4 generously took the time to link to my blog, so it looks like I’ll have to start posting again. Truthfully, I’ve had this planned for quite a while, but lack of inspiration and a massive work schedule has had me tied down.

First off, I have a ton of posts lined up for the future. Most of them deal with web design, but a few are going to be personal, just to keep my sanity level in check, for a lack of better words. So far I have about three articles in the works. The first, focusing on client communications, will teach you everything you need to know about handling your clients, as a designer, in the most professional and efficient way possible. The second is a medium length tutorial covering typeface implementation in real world situations. Whether you’re looking for the perfect font to kick off your new advertisement poster, or something elegant for a web page, it’ll be covered. Finally, I’ll be posting about the role offsite web applications play in the blogosphere.

So, has your fancy been tickled yet? As if that’s not enough, I want to try and get some interviews with a few designers. On my list right now: John Oxton, Bryan Veloso, and Stu Nichols. If any of you stumble across this post, and don’t already have an email from me, feel free to leave a comment. I may also be migrating to WordPress or the Movable Type blogging system some time soon, with a custom design following. If any students from the WD2 course enjoy any of my posts, you might want to check out my web design community website, Abstracted.View. The link can be found to the right. Oh, and before I forget, I’ll probably be podcasting a little bit in the future, so if you see any strange MP3 files floating around, don’t be afraid to listen.



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Halo: The Movie

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp has signed a deal with two film studios to make a movie based on its popular space-based video game series “Halo”, a spokesman for Universal Pictures said on Wednesday.

Universal and Twentieth Century Fox agreed to pay Microsoft $5 million plus a percentage of movie ticket sales. The total price being paid is capped at 10 percent of domestic box office receipts. The deal ends months of speculation over which studio would win the right to make a “Halo” film, which came to Hollywood last spring highly-touted by Microsoft and its representatives at Creative Artists Agency. Messengers delivered a script to the studios wearing costumes and toting laser guns.

But several studios balked at an initially high asking price, which at the time published reports pegged at $15 million plus 15 percent of box office receipts in the United States and Canada. Under terms of the final agreement, Universal will oversee the film’s production and domestic distribution, while Fox will handle international distribution.

Universal spokesman Paul Pflug said the studios are aiming for a summer 2007 release of a movie based on “Halo” and “Halo 2,” a science fiction series about an alien-fighting warrior named Master Chief. Microsoft spokesman Carlos de Leon declined to comment on the terms of the movie deal as well as on speculation that the software giant would launch its “Halo 3” game title alongside the movie.

“We haven’t made any announcement on the launch of ‘Halo 3’,” he said.

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Well, again I have neglected my blog. But have no fear, I’m back with an AJAX based web application review for all of the geeks out there. I fired up my feed reader this morning and found roughly 25 new posts on the sites I subscribe to. One of those was a new entry at Devils Details for a website called Protopage. Protopage is a revolutionary AJAX web app that allows you to create your own dynamic home page. You can add links, leave notes, and even change the look of your Protopage.

For those of you not up on the latest in web technology, AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. AJAX allows developers to dynamically design websites, much like PHP, but without the need to refresh and go through all of those different tags. By using AJAX Protopage allows you to manage your page, making as many changes as needed in one sitting, without ever having to hit the refresh button to see the changes.

So, I have been messing around with Protopage for about an hour now, and am finding it extremely frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea, is easy to use, and has some great features, but AJAX just hasn’t developed enough for a project of this size. The load times are enormous, and it took me about 20 minutes just to change the look of my Protopage. Now, I’m on a 5 MBPS connection, so I know it’s not my ISPs fault. Hopefully as AJAX continues to grow, so will this project, and who knows, maybe I’ll even try it again one day. Finally, I recommend this site to anyone interested in the power of AJAX.

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