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Bloggin System comparison

I’ve been stressing over which blogging system to use over the past few weeks. I’ve tried the best of the best, and still can’t make up my mind. So I decided it’s time for me to voice my opinion and get your feedback. From what I can tell, the top systems out there seem to be Movable Type, WordPress, TextPattern, and Blogger. Let me start off with my personal favorite, and then move on down the list from there.

WordPress – WordPress has powered the best of the best, and for good reasons. With a solid interface, thousands of plugins, and great support, WordPress is definitely my first choice. Unfortunately, the administration design can be confusing, and very blocky, in my opinion. While WP may offer the features every blogger wants and needs, it lacks in other necessary departments. It does, on the other hand, have a simple templating system, and is very easy to manage. With the installation of the WordPress UI: Tiger theme, everything falls into place perfectly. I would suggest WordPress to anybody, and in my opinion, nothing can beat it.

Movable Type – created by the great folks at Six Apart, MT is by far one of the leaders in the blogging industry. With a solid setup, great support, and tons of plugins, I find it very easy to work with and find that it runs extremely smoothly. Unfortunately, you have to shell out $60 or more just to get a supported version. While I love to pay for quality items, this just doesn’t seem worth it. There is, however, a free, unsupported version you can download, which only support 1 blog and 1 author.

Textpattern – While it is second to last, Textpatern can still hold its own against the big boys. With a great publishing system and easy to use administration panel, TXP is the perfect blogging system for some. But in my opinion, everything seems hard to find and out of place. But maybe I’m just wrongfully judging. I haven’t really tested it since Version 3.0. Maybe I should give 4.0 a try. After all, Mr. Oxton and Mr. Hicks, both use it, so it must have something good to offer.

Blogger – Brought to you by Google, Blogger is perfect for those of you without a host, like me. I turned to Blogger in need of something stable and easy to follow. And that’s exactly what I got. Everything is easy to find, you can have multiple blogs, and the templating system is a snap. The only reason it’s at the bottom of my list is because there are no plugins, hacks, or anything cool to add on for that matter. Hopefully some developers will step in and they’ll release the API. Who knows what’s coming next for Blogger?

In the end it comes down to a close race between WordPress and Movable Type. I still haven’t made my decision, which I’m sure can wait. In the mean time, tell me what you think, and let me know of any previous experience with any other blogging tools as well. If you’re interested in something extremely simple you all may want to look into Cute News, a small ‘content management system’ that combines simplicity with ease of use. You can even use Gravatar with it!


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