A Script not yet Written

I’ve been spending an increasing amount of time browsing recently, and there’s always one thing that seems to bother me, page load sequences. What I’m getting to is that different websites load in different order. For example, sometimes the background image will load first, and other times the text will load first. This is extremely annoying, especially in high contrast websites where the text doesn’t display on the default page background.

My suggestion, for any developer, is a script that allows web designers to define what loads first, using simple class names. Ideally, the script would be stored in a separate file and then included using either PHP or JavaScript. Inside the script designers define how a page loads by applying class or ID names to a list of numbers.

Now I’m no programmer, so I have no clue how this would work. From what I understand pages load differently in different browsers, so this would most likely be a JavaScript solution with some little DOM magic. I’m really interested in what you can all come up with. I’m sure this will be a fun little project that’ll be useful to a lot of people.

I don’t have anything planned, but this may turn into a contest in the near future. Possible prizes include free hosting for a year, a Flickr Pro account, etc. Basically, myself and a few other designers will analyze and test each entry for usability and cross-browser accessibility. So get working, I can’t wait to see your entries. Full contest details will be posted shortly, so make sure you check back here for any updates.

If you need hosting for your script drop me a line at bladeruriel [at] tampabay.rr.com and I’ll host your files for you. If possible please include a sample web page and zip up your completed demo. If you’re interested in sponsoring this contest please send me an email at the same address.


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