I Blog for the Ladies

Ok, not really, but it got your attention, didn’t it? I recently hopped aboard a new community project that I can’t divulge any information on right now, but myself and 9 others have been throwing ideas back and forth for the past week now, and the community forums we started are really coming in handy.

Well, to get to know some of the other members a little better I created a new topic on the forums titled “What are your stats?” I quickly scribbled down my stats and a topic intro and went on my way. A little while later Angelique posted her response, which sparked the thought behind this post.


lolll when i first saw the topic title i thought you were trying to hit on the girls


So, why do you blog, for the fame, the glory, donations, attention, to meet new people, what for? I blog for personal pleasure. I love putting my thoughts and ideas out into the open,a nd blogging is a great escape from the boring life most lead. It’s also a good way to meet new people.

I might as well turn this into a meme and pass it along to a few people:

Elliot Swan
Matt Bob Jones
Bryan Veloso



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2 responses to “I Blog for the Ladies

  1. No!! Not another meme!

    Just kidding this is something that I am very interested in. People often blog even though they don’t have many visitors (like me) and otheres blog for fun but why is blogging fun?

    I’ll definitely take part in this meme even thought I’m not a huge fan of them.

  2. Just to clarify: I thought you meant ‘stats’ to refer to physical (bust waist hips) measurements. Heh heh heh. =P

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