Building Lasting Relationships (on the web)

On a number of occasions recently I’ve been asked by a few friends how I manage to maintain a solid audience. Well, it’s all a matter of making the right connections. Establishing relationships with like-minded people is an important part of keeping activity on your blog, or any website for that matter, going.

As a teenager I think it’s a little bit more difficult to establish solid relationships like this, especially when most of the people in my field are much older than me. Now if you’ve read any of my posts on the various forums I visit you can probably tell that I’m not a very shy person, but in actuallity I am. I feel nervous sending out random emails to people, trying to make contacts or even friends.

This is where social networking comes in. I’ve found recently that I’ve become addicted to sites like Flickr and Digg, and can’t go through a single day without checking on them both. Sites like these allow you to quickly and easily make contacts without actually having to approach the person you’d like to talk with. I know on many occasions simply adding a person as a contact on Flickr is a great way to get them to send you a message, and more times than none they’ll be interested in your work or what you have to say.

While they both operate on the same basic mentality, Digg is a little bit different. While there’s still room for commenting and meeting new people I think the process is somewhat smoother because Digg is based around offsite content. When dealing with onsite content discussion can sometimes be limited to the items at hand, whereas with sites like Digg and you can find people who have the same or similar interests as you, with plenty of room for expansion.

Anyway, that’s how I keep my audience. I stay connected with the sites I love and constantly explore new people. Like I said, just adding a person as a contact is a good way to promote conversation, and your blog too if you play your cards right.

If you have any tips or techniques you use to make new friends I’d love to hear them, so leave me a comment or send me an email.


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