Server Fart

Apparently the people at Automattic decided that last night at about 9:30 was the perfect time to have a WordPress server fart. I had just finished writing a really good, long post, only to find that once I published it, my blog was completely erased, with the exception of the design and blogrool. But have no fear, I managed to take Scobleizer with me.

The blog, along with a few thousand others, was back up by 10 PM, and all of my previous posts were restored, but to my dissapointment, the one I had just written was lost. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to write it all over again. Thanks a lot guys! Other than this little problem, my experience with WordPress has been great, and I’m really loving the interface, thouh it seems a bit cluttered at some points. And I think I’m in love with Hemingway. I can’t wait to set up WordPress on my own server so I can begin customizing this beauty of a template.


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