PureVolume plus SXSW equals Awesome

It’s times like this I realise how much I’m missing out on. South by Southwest started today, and I’m already envious of everyone in attendance. With hundreds of blog posts pouring out about it, why shouldn’t I be? I decided to stop in and listen to some new stuff over at PureVolume today and noticed the launch of a PV mini-site dedicated to SXSW. Now not only is SXSW a major design conference, it’s also a major music hub, showcasing a ton of up and coming talent, as well as some previously-established bands.

PureVolume will be playing host to a number of parties over the next week, or however long SXSW lasts, and I really, really wish I was there. What makes me really mad is that two of my favorite things have finally been combined (design and music), and I’m not there to witness it. Go figure. The mini-site features a list of PV related events, along with a list of all the cool bands playing. If you’re interested, go ahead and check out my PureVolume user page, but be warned, I have about 130 bands on my playlist. Don’t be afraid to leave me a comment or add me as a friend either.

Are there any bands in particular you want to see this year, and if so, will you be attending any of their shows. I really hope everything comes through and I get to attend next year. Every time a big event passes I always get the feeling in the pit of my stomach like I’ve missed it forever, or the next year won’t have anything I like, and so on and so forth. That feeling really needs to go away.


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