Blue Fish Network: I’m in!

It’s official, I’ve received the welcome email from Andy, and am now a part of the Blue Fish Network, and couldn’t be happier. Since joining Random Shapes earlier this month I’ve seen a large increase of visitors and have made quite a few new friends as well. By joining this second network I hope to see my blog grow to new heights, but the friends and support are nice too.

To tie this all together the Focus: Blogs Directory is offering free featured links to all Blue Fish members. Learn more about it at the Blue Fish Website or go straight to Focus: Blogs site. Anyway, I’ve updated my Blogroll with a link to the Blue Fish network site, so go ahead and check out what the network has to offer.



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11 responses to “Blue Fish Network: I’m in!

  1. Hi,

    Welcome aboard. I’ve fixed up all the announcements, links and feeds now so you should get picked up more easily now.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I’m happy to be aboard and can’t wait for things to get going

  3. Sweet…congrats on joining the blue fish network.

  4. cristinamarie

    Tried to view Blue Fish Network and URL doesn’t work.

  5. It’s funny. You join the same networks as me, like 5 days behind me. Not that I really care anyways…

  6. Anthony, I was in Random Shapes before you, I was one of the original members. The only reason I joined Blue Fish is for the extra hits, but overall I’ve received less than 50 uniques since I joined.

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