Another Quark Logo Redesign

Well, Quark has once again redesigned their logo, and again, it reminds me of another logo. For some reason the subtle bevel and drop shadows remind me of the Ubisoft logo. Maybe all of that gaming is going to my head, or maybe there really is a similarity. 

From In September 2005, trumpets blared and banners waved as Quark unveiled a new logo. That fanfare quickly trailed off into a sputtering silence as critics across the world blasted the logo for its similarity to many others.

Either way, this new logo, in my opinion, is a lot better than their previous designs, and I’m glad to see that they’ve completely left behind their original logo. I think this is a good change for Quark and it looks like something that I’d enjoy seeing on their products. Not to mention it’d make a sweet favicon.

But their is one problem I’ve noticed, what’s up with the missing pixel in the top left corner? I know it’s not just me that’s noticed this, as other viewers have pointed out the same thing. What’s going on Quark? Even when they manage to come up with a nice, clean, new design they screw that up too.

Hopefully they’ll take note of the missing pixel and fix it before it goes up on their site, and their products as well.

Lesson Learned: Do a comprehensive search before working on any piece of digital work, or face the wrath of a million bloggers pointing out similarities to past works.

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6 responses to “Another Quark Logo Redesign

  1. Actually, I don’t like the new logo. the ’05 one kills it IMO.

  2. yeah, but the september logo was basically a rip. I agree that this isn’t the best they could have done, but it’s better than being called a ripper forever.

  3. Yes, better this than a rip, but I’m not overwhelmed. Just average.

  4. I thought ‘missing pixel big deal’ but wow even on my small laptop screen I can see that. Weird!

    The logo itself is OK – I can see the Ubisoft likeness though.

  5. Beyond the fact that the updated logo might be better or worse, it seems to be a bit strange that they have decided to run the risk of creating such controversy. Very strange indeed.

  6. Hej!
    Check this out!

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