The Indie Virus

It seems Matt has passed me The Indie Virus, how thoughtful, though I must admit I’m a bit late in responding to this. So the basic idea is that by using the same anchor text in every post, people pass the Indie Virus along to their friends or whatever, helping to promote less-known blogs on Technorati and the like. Sounds like an advance meme, or maybe a new wave (web 2.0) blonde joke, but whatever. To each his own I suppose.

First, I’d like tot hank Matt for pointing out that I am the genius behind the Random Shapes Network design. Okay, it’s nothing special, but my ego just had to butt in for a moment. So let’s see, I’ll start by passing The Indie Virus to Matt Hampel, for being a good web friend and one of the first to ever comment on Textonic. Now I’m going to pass The Indie Virus to Elliot Swan, a great friend, designer, and all around good person. Finally, I’ll pass The Indie Virus to Elyse. She’s one of few girls in the Random Shapes network, and other than that she’s extremely intelligent, and pretty good looking too (couldn’t help it).

Now, if you’re upset that you didn’t get passed the virus, feel free to beat me in public, if you can find me that is, I’m like a police officer, there when I’m not needed, and missing when there’s trouble.



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4 responses to “The Indie Virus

  1. While I appreciate the compliments, you seem to have missed that Glen beat you to it!

    I suppose there are a few perks to being one of three girls, eah?

  2. Just because Glen beat me to it, which I already knew of course, doesn’t mean I can’t pass it along to you again. Gives youd ouble exposure…

  3. Touche. And appreciated. Hardcore.

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