They have it on DVD too, you know?

As many of you may know, Spring Break started this weekend here in Lakeland, Florida, and it's been pretty good for me so far. While I'm extremely far behind in my AP courses, leaving me with loads of makeup work, I've still found some time to enjoy myself. Monday was a prime example of that enjoyment.

The day started simple. I woke up to complaints of my laziness and lack of responsibility. About twenty minutes later I was showered, had brushed my teeth, shaved, etc. and was ready to start the day. I took Buddy out for a quick walk and returned to find that our main computer was already in use (I don't store schoolwork on my person computer, because I'd rather not be thinking about school when I have free time) so I headed back to my room and fired up the XBox for a little Halo 2 action. Still, simple enough, right? Well, two hours later and the computer with all of my school info was still in use, and I wasn't about to waste an hour or so finding a decent wireless network to leech off with my notebook, so I resumed crashing my Warthog into random objects around the Metropolis playing field (btw, finally beat the game on Heroic not too long ago, now for Legendary).

Finally the computer was free. I lunged for the mouse, snatching the keyboard off the desk as quickly as possible, but I was too late, the computer was already in sleep mode, and everyone was heading out the front door. This is where it gets boring… again. We must have driven around for about a half an hour doing absolutely nothing before getting out at the mall. I was a little upset to have to leave my notebook, in all its From First To Last glory behind (blazing their new CD, if you hadn't already guessed). But alas, all of my sadness was washed away as I gazed up at the massive Manga wall at Waldenbooks. After about five minutes I was joined by another kid, looking furiously for some specific chapter, and so I turned once again to the wall, Akira immediately grabbing my attention. But just as I reached out I heard an excited little squeak from a girl who seemed to have just floated in without any notice. She was reaching for a VHS copy of Princess Mononoke when I said, "They have it on DVD too, you know?". The first step of approaching a girl you like is finding a topic of common interest. Shoes, movies, music, whatever. Find something and go with it.

Anyway, we ended up speaking for about half an hour about anime, manga, and everything else Japanese. She gave me her number as her mom rushed her away. Once again, I turned to the giant wall, only to see out of thecorner of my eye the girl scrambling back towards me. Her arms flung open and then closed around my chest, embracing me in what may have been the longest and biggest hug in the history of the world. I could see her mom snapping at her in the background and whispered that she'd better get going.

Even though I'm still dating my girlfriend Leslie, I decided to give her a call later that night, only to find her disappointed when I told her I have a girlfriend. Well, there was really no point to this post other than to push out something before the commenters get restless. I may write a series of articles with dating tips for the male readers. Anyone interested?


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  1. dude..thats hilarious yet awesome…lol….

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