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Yahoo! Mail Beta

As many of you may know Yahoo! has just launched their Yahoo! Mail Beta service, and invites are pretty hard to come by, unless, of course, you know a way around it. First of I'd like to thank my good friend Edward for introducing me to this method through AIM, thanks a lot Edward. Getting Access to the Beta is actually very simple, so follow these steps and you should be all set with a brand new Yahoo! Mail Beta account.

  1. Log-in to Yahoo! Mail
  2. select Account Information
  3. Go to Member Information –> Edit
  4. Under General Preferences you should see a link that says Language & Content, click on it and select English – United Kingdom from the list of options.
  5. Now click Finished and return to the main Yahoo! Mail page. You should see an invitation to Yahoo! Mail Beta, accept it and you're all done.

It's just as easy as that. Afterwards you can change your Language and Content settings back to their default and continue with access to the Beta service. At a first glance the interface seems to need a bit of polishing, but there's a ton of nifty features available that make this a ton better than similar services like Hotmail, though not quite up to GMail yet. I'm anxious to see a final, stable release available to the public, it should be nice.


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Screw The Earth Day

For 36 years we've celebrated our planet, Earth, in a day long event called Earth Day. We plant tress, cut down on our gas emissions, and soon and so forth. We've tried so hard to respect our planet, and while we may be coming continuously short, you must admit we're trying. Well, some of us are, and others are not. We've called our planet beautiful, gorgeous, even let it have it's own day just of us to show our respect.

And what have we gotten in return? Crap, absolute crap. You send us hurricanes, volcanoes, floods, storms, and at the tiniest adjustment of temperatures you cringe ad begin melting. You silence thousands of people each year, what are we doing that's so wrong. Well, keeping all this in mind, Jon Stewart, of Daily Show fame has declared today, April 25th, Screw The Earth Day. The original name was F*** The Earth Day, but in keeping this a family blog I've changed the expletive to a safer alternative.

Anyway, I'm participating in this little event because I'm tired of the devestation brought on by a planet we respect so much. I mean, come on, we even call you "Mother", how horrible must you be. Have you been put on the welfare of space, does the earth have a menstruation cycle, or are you just plain angry with us?


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Digg is Corrupted

Well, the past few days have been extremely interesting to me. I'm slowly seeing the downfall of, a social networking website where users choose the stories they want to see, or so we all thought. In the recent weeks situations have occured where multiple stories appeared on the front page of The odd part of this was the first 20 or so Diggers dugg each article at exactly the same time. One of those Diggers was Kevin Rose, the founder of

Doesn't this seem just a bit too shady to be a coincidence. When this information was presented at ForeverGeek the submitter was banned from Digg and the story removed, apparently a Terms of Service violation. All similar stories and submitters were also banned or suspended. I'm far too angry to go into details, so I'll leave you here.

The FG post mentioned above should provide more than enough evidence against Digg, with numerous similar articles cited. Let me just say that I've been a faithful user of Digg for a while now, but that all stops now. I'm abandoning this service and I suggest everyone else do the same. The system is corrupted and Digg is wrong in banning people for unfounded ToS violations, especially when users chose the stories they want to see, not the editors.


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The Pain of Easter

Yesterday being Easter, the day Jesus rose from his grave, I felt the need to get out of the house and have some fun, but not after an early dinner of course. Being 100% Portuguese myself, we have a tradition of large boiled dinners, so the tender ham, potatoes, carrots, and other assorted vegetables were a nice change from the usual spaghetti dinners.

As is tradition with many, Easter is the day to connect with neighbors, have barbecues, go swimming, all very similar to the 4th of July. During the course of these events I must have dislocated a vertebrate in my lower back, because I can, at this moment, barely stand to move my computer chair. The pain first hit me late last night, after spending a few good hours playing dodge-ball on the trampoline. Dodging the big red balls like a swan I dove left and right, even catching one every few moments, only to return it to the sender's face with a booming taunt.

But other than the game of dodge-ball and the hours spent on the rampoline, the day was very easygoing, and I can't find a reason for my back being twisted into the form of a pretzel this morning. It was so bad that I even resorted to drugs last night, taking 350 milligrams of who-knows-what? Hopefully this pain will subside, and now that I think about it, it was a regular thing when I used to be inactive, but now I'm out skateboarding, playing football, and swimming almost every day, and my back hasn't hurt for months, why the sudden change?

So dear body, please stop tormenting me. I'm at the point where I'm slumped forward, my lower back in pain, and this has caused a sharp pain on my wrist. Because of my slumped state my wrist is limply hanging off the edge of the computer desk, the grooves cutting into what must be every nerve residing in my hand, each causing it's own sharp, distinct pain. Could it be that this is my punishment for doing something as stupid as jumping into a pool fully clothed, or driving an RC car at 50 MPH into a ditch, or hitting on my friend's guests? Please give me some kind of clue.

But enough of my moaning and complaining, how was your easter, oh painless world? 

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Google Trick

Just something to hold you over until I publish my article on contracts. I discovered that going to and performing and "I'm Feeling Lucky" search for the word "Failure" will lead you straight to George W. Bush's page at the website. A normal search shows the same page as the top result.

I doubt Google will be fixing this any time soon, I bet they even did it intentionally, a sort of retaliation to the government's request for their search data. I personally think it's a hilarious little "glitch" and I'd love to see it stay. Put's a smile on my face every time I see it. Maybe someone should contact that designer and have him add one of those nifty page rank buttons to the footer. George W. Bush, #1 Failure, 


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I’m a Teen, not a Stereotype

Though I must admit that Random Shapes has been successful since its inception, I haven't seen any shift in the movement to shatter teen stereotypes. If anything, I seem to be getting more dirty looks, comments, and emails from adults. One thing I've noticed is that nobody seems to pay attention to anything I say, not until they hear the word MySpace. Though I'm preaching against it, their typical response is, "you know there's pedophiles on that site, right, it's no place for a kid like you!" Hello, have you been listening to anything I just said?

I guess this is partly my fault though. I've just entered my emo/headbanger stage, what with the black clothing, heavy skateboarding accessories, and the people I've befriended. These things combined are enough to have me stared down by any adult, to the point where I want to do one of two things; stand up and start shouting obscenities at random adults or storm out of the mall, knocking over clothing racks and pushing people to the floor on my way.

I know violence isn't the way to solve anything, but people really need to wake up and realize that I, and many others like me, am a teen, not a stereotype. But to put a foot forward in this movement, I have received some positive encouragement from adults around the world, and the network has reached out to at least a few adults, but I'm still not completely satisfied with the progress. I encourage all teens to stick up for their rights as citizens, I will not be discriminated against because of my age, clothing style, friends, or any other variable for that matter, and I'm not changing for anyone.

Learn to live with the younger generation (who will be taking care of YOU in the years to come) or seclude yourself from society so we don't have to hear you bicker and moan and our choices. Is it really that difficult?


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The Move is Over

Finally, I've only been anticipating this moment for the past three weeks now. I've finally moved from my old home to my new one, and with my own bedroom to boot. On this note, I have to apologize for the lack of posts lately. What with the yard sale, performing maintenance on everyone's computers (actual comment from Anthony, my roomie's father "wow, I have my own personal geek now!") and getting my room set up I haven't had the time nor patience to sit down and write something insightful.

Yesterday was a family affair in itself; meeting my room mate's boyfriend (and him telling me to change his account password and email for him to she couldn't spy on his on-line activities anymore), going bowling with the family, and dealing with a breakup of my own. But on a happier note I finally got some new shoes, a pair of Adio's designed by Brian Sumner. I also stopped in Hot Topic and bought an Emery t-shirt and a Senses Fail wristband. Immediately after wearing the clothes I was able to nab the numbers of two girls from the bowling alley (strike now has a new meaning).

Anyway, I've been playing around with Flock as my default browser lately, and the quick blog posting is great. I should be back to normal posting frequency soon, and I have a few articles in the works. One should be of particular interest to all of the freelancer's out there; it covers the ins and outs of freelance web design contracts and even provides a sample 7 page contract for your own use. More on that later, and look forward to some new downloads as well.

Hopefully everyone around here will stop pimping out my tech and design services for free, but until that time, I'll still be somewhat busy. I have a May 1st Reboot to complete for my portfolio, and the fact that Photoshop just died isn't helping me at all. Anyone have any idea why I'm getting an error message that says something to the effect of "A Hardware or Software error has occurred and Photoshop was unable to start. Sorry, but this is unrecoverable"? 


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