Question: Is April Fools still cool?

Is it just me, or has April Fool's Day lost its attraction? Years ago I remember plotting for months at a time ways to pull pranks on my family, but it all seems worthless now. With the popularity of the internet almost every website seems to feel they need to pull a prank. Slashdot released their OMG! Ponies design, WordPress and TextPattern announced a merger, and Google released their new product, Google Romance. The holiday has lost all sense of flare in my eyes.

Back in the day a plastic cupcake for your teacher, jell-o in your parents shoes, water above the door, that was all good fun, and I miss those days. I never really was able to get my parents though, it's a crying shame. Does anybody else think that the day has lost it's appeal, or am I just going crazy during this whole moving process?



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12 responses to “Question: Is April Fools still cool?

  1. I actually think that this year’s pranks were pretty good. I laughed quite hard at Slashot’s “OMG!!! Ponies!!!” design, as well as at the MAFIAA. I downloaded Wordpattrn! and SQL on Rails. Also, my blog was foreclosed by the American Comittee for Fighting Commie Copyright Criminals on the account of my usage of numerous punctuation marks copyrighted by Bell Labs.

  2. Flickr’s all-cats was pretty awesome, and so was sitepoint’s charging $10 to post in the gerneral chat forum.

    I almost did something, but didn’t really feel like it, either.

  3. Perhaps it’s the age settling in my bones; I couldn’t be bothered with April Fool’s.

  4. I think the day retains its appeal, but people have gotten lazy. Therefore, my friends and I took it upon ourselves to cover all of the floors and stairwells in our dorm with purple bubblewrap. Perhaps most of us are too busy and important to do silly things, but the spirit still lives in some of us!

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