The Move is Over

Finally, I've only been anticipating this moment for the past three weeks now. I've finally moved from my old home to my new one, and with my own bedroom to boot. On this note, I have to apologize for the lack of posts lately. What with the yard sale, performing maintenance on everyone's computers (actual comment from Anthony, my roomie's father "wow, I have my own personal geek now!") and getting my room set up I haven't had the time nor patience to sit down and write something insightful.

Yesterday was a family affair in itself; meeting my room mate's boyfriend (and him telling me to change his account password and email for him to she couldn't spy on his on-line activities anymore), going bowling with the family, and dealing with a breakup of my own. But on a happier note I finally got some new shoes, a pair of Adio's designed by Brian Sumner. I also stopped in Hot Topic and bought an Emery t-shirt and a Senses Fail wristband. Immediately after wearing the clothes I was able to nab the numbers of two girls from the bowling alley (strike now has a new meaning).

Anyway, I've been playing around with Flock as my default browser lately, and the quick blog posting is great. I should be back to normal posting frequency soon, and I have a few articles in the works. One should be of particular interest to all of the freelancer's out there; it covers the ins and outs of freelance web design contracts and even provides a sample 7 page contract for your own use. More on that later, and look forward to some new downloads as well.

Hopefully everyone around here will stop pimping out my tech and design services for free, but until that time, I'll still be somewhat busy. I have a May 1st Reboot to complete for my portfolio, and the fact that Photoshop just died isn't helping me at all. Anyone have any idea why I'm getting an error message that says something to the effect of "A Hardware or Software error has occurred and Photoshop was unable to start. Sorry, but this is unrecoverable"? 



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5 responses to “The Move is Over

  1. Sucks about photoshop…I have no idea what could be causing that. Did you try googling it?

    I tried Flock a couple times, but I missed my FF extentions and it was still sort of buggy. However, I found a great FF extention to let me blog from FireFox–Deepest Sender. Ever tried it?

  2. Glad you got everything settled in and are moved in. I’m looking forward to working with you on some projects I’ve had milling in my head. Good luck with your posts and future design on your websites.

  3. thanks for the kind words Evan. We never really have done any collaboration in the past two or so years we’ve known each other, have we? definitely something on my list of things to do.

    Elliot, I searched, but couldn’t find anything. Flock is owning everything else for me right now. I’m using Thunderbird as my mail and RSS reader though, gotta keep it in the Mozilla family.

  4. lol….your room mate is a girl? and didnt her boyfriend get mad?

  5. yeah, and she’s smoking hot too. I’m not staying in the same room as her, though, so everything’s cool. Her boyfriend doesn’t mind, he’s about to dump her anyway

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