The Pain of Easter

Yesterday being Easter, the day Jesus rose from his grave, I felt the need to get out of the house and have some fun, but not after an early dinner of course. Being 100% Portuguese myself, we have a tradition of large boiled dinners, so the tender ham, potatoes, carrots, and other assorted vegetables were a nice change from the usual spaghetti dinners.

As is tradition with many, Easter is the day to connect with neighbors, have barbecues, go swimming, all very similar to the 4th of July. During the course of these events I must have dislocated a vertebrate in my lower back, because I can, at this moment, barely stand to move my computer chair. The pain first hit me late last night, after spending a few good hours playing dodge-ball on the trampoline. Dodging the big red balls like a swan I dove left and right, even catching one every few moments, only to return it to the sender's face with a booming taunt.

But other than the game of dodge-ball and the hours spent on the rampoline, the day was very easygoing, and I can't find a reason for my back being twisted into the form of a pretzel this morning. It was so bad that I even resorted to drugs last night, taking 350 milligrams of who-knows-what? Hopefully this pain will subside, and now that I think about it, it was a regular thing when I used to be inactive, but now I'm out skateboarding, playing football, and swimming almost every day, and my back hasn't hurt for months, why the sudden change?

So dear body, please stop tormenting me. I'm at the point where I'm slumped forward, my lower back in pain, and this has caused a sharp pain on my wrist. Because of my slumped state my wrist is limply hanging off the edge of the computer desk, the grooves cutting into what must be every nerve residing in my hand, each causing it's own sharp, distinct pain. Could it be that this is my punishment for doing something as stupid as jumping into a pool fully clothed, or driving an RC car at 50 MPH into a ditch, or hitting on my friend's guests? Please give me some kind of clue.

But enough of my moaning and complaining, how was your easter, oh painless world? 


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One response to “The Pain of Easter

  1. My Easter was great… glad to hear yours was wonderful too. No really, you should probably go see a doctor. I have something quite similar. If I put too much stress or weight my back pulls and it sucks terribly…

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