Screw The Earth Day

For 36 years we've celebrated our planet, Earth, in a day long event called Earth Day. We plant tress, cut down on our gas emissions, and soon and so forth. We've tried so hard to respect our planet, and while we may be coming continuously short, you must admit we're trying. Well, some of us are, and others are not. We've called our planet beautiful, gorgeous, even let it have it's own day just of us to show our respect.

And what have we gotten in return? Crap, absolute crap. You send us hurricanes, volcanoes, floods, storms, and at the tiniest adjustment of temperatures you cringe ad begin melting. You silence thousands of people each year, what are we doing that's so wrong. Well, keeping all this in mind, Jon Stewart, of Daily Show fame has declared today, April 25th, Screw The Earth Day. The original name was F*** The Earth Day, but in keeping this a family blog I've changed the expletive to a safer alternative.

Anyway, I'm participating in this little event because I'm tired of the devestation brought on by a planet we respect so much. I mean, come on, we even call you "Mother", how horrible must you be. Have you been put on the welfare of space, does the earth have a menstruation cycle, or are you just plain angry with us?



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6 responses to “Screw The Earth Day

  1. Well, its not really earths fault..
    with all the gas and global warming and polution changing of water paths and so on and so forth, the earth is out of balance. Unfortunately no matter what we do, this wont change…. unless we turn off all motors, and completely ban the use of gas…. which would affect humanity in a negative way…so its one or the other, we can give up gas for the beauty of earth, or earth for the comfort that gas gives us…..Its ashame things will only get worse from scares me to think that more and more will happen…
    we better run for our *ucking lives……

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  3. Hm, I guess growing up with an abusive drug addict mother got me used to this sorta thing. 😛

  4. I agree.
    I mean, earth is in the process of shrugging us off like a layer of mold anyway. And I say that’s a good thing. So in the process of getting expelled from our planet like an allergen that’s just tripped one too many histamines, I say we at least show a LITTLE defiance, don’t you?
    Next April 25th I’ll go buy some aerosol cans and spray them into the air. And I’ll dig a hole in the ground, and pour in the big barrel of used antifreeze we have sitting by the house.
    Screw the earth. Screw it all.

  5. Mad Bluebird


  6. Mad Bluebird


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