Yahoo! Mail Beta

As many of you may know Yahoo! has just launched their Yahoo! Mail Beta service, and invites are pretty hard to come by, unless, of course, you know a way around it. First of I'd like to thank my good friend Edward for introducing me to this method through AIM, thanks a lot Edward. Getting Access to the Beta is actually very simple, so follow these steps and you should be all set with a brand new Yahoo! Mail Beta account.

  1. Log-in to Yahoo! Mail
  2. select Account Information
  3. Go to Member Information –> Edit
  4. Under General Preferences you should see a link that says Language & Content, click on it and select English – United Kingdom from the list of options.
  5. Now click Finished and return to the main Yahoo! Mail page. You should see an invitation to Yahoo! Mail Beta, accept it and you're all done.

It's just as easy as that. Afterwards you can change your Language and Content settings back to their default and continue with access to the Beta service. At a first glance the interface seems to need a bit of polishing, but there's a ton of nifty features available that make this a ton better than similar services like Hotmail, though not quite up to GMail yet. I'm anxious to see a final, stable release available to the public, it should be nice.


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One response to “Yahoo! Mail Beta

  1. netgautam

    Thank you!

    I wanted to taste beta and It worked for me.

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