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Trash Talkers

As I've moved away from my family and closer to my friends over the past month or so I've learned one major thing, everything is not as it appears. Just when I think I've got a good group of friends I start to realize that they're all just backstabbers and liars. The people I like hate me, and the people I hang out with talk trash about me, so what's left, hanging out with people I don't know?

It's one thing for your friends to casually poke fun at you, as long as it's in good nature, but to put on a fake attitude is an entirely different thing. I don't want to come to your house and see you sitting there with a fake smile, only to hear from a mutual friend that you're talking smack about me behind my back. If you have something to say, say it directly to me. Don't wait for it to get back to me, because the beast only grows stronger in the meantime.

I'm not directing this at any one person, because it seems many of my friends talk trash about me. You all know who you are and for the record, I know a lot more than you seem to think. As for the regular readers of this site, thanks for the supporting comments and kind messages, they really help me get through the day. I'm writing this at 4:25 in the morning to help pass the time I have in-between work, sleep, dating, and the few true "friend moments" I have. I'll seriously try to put something worth your time up soon, but I really am sorry for my lack of activity.


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Shutting Down

A brief explanation for my lack of posts. Basically, net access has been cut off at my home, so I’ll be unavailable until I go out and purchase a wireless card for my laptop. In other somewhat related news, I’ve been working at a brand new skate shop for the past 3 or so weeks, and will also be producing two websites plus print and web ads for the shop. Can you say free merch?


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I’ve got a Funny Little Feeling about the RNR Soldiers

A few months back I stumbled across the Rock 'N' Roll Soldiers on Purevolume. The name made me wonder how serious they were, but after playing a little bit of their music I was instantly drawn in. Their hit song Funny Little Feeling just sounded so familiar. On a rare stroke of luck I happened to be flipping through the channels late last night when I noticed a familiar looking front-man crowd surfing on MTV. As it turns out the RNR Soldiers were featured on an MTV True Life episode, I'm Getting my Big Break, in which the band starts on their first tour, opening for superstars of Kasabian fame.

Throughout the course of the episode they're documented crashing and burning at their first Kasabian shows, and then slowly they begin to build a fan base. As the show moves on they finally hit some bit of luck when Verizon decides to feature them in one of their commercials (so that's why they seem so familiar). Unfortunately the RNR Soldiers have yet to release their debut album "So Many Musicians to Kill", which has been postponed numerous times.

But despite all this I have a funny little feeling that the RNR Soldiers, with their upbeat music and high energy live performances, have yet to find the fame they'll acquire. To take a listen for yourself head on over to their MySpace Profile where you can hear four of their songs including Funny Little Feeling and Anthem. The RNR Soldiers have also been featured on an episode of One Tree Hill and played at South by Southwest last year.

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New 007 Trailer Leaked

For those of you behind the times, it was announced last year that Pierce Brosnan would be replaced by Daniel Craig as James Bond in the upcoming Sony Pictures flick, Casino Royale. Earlier today the official trailer (in French) was leaked to multiple sites, namely YouTube. The trailer can be viewed here while the official site can be seen here.

Edit: It has also been rumored that Mr. Bond will have a new Aston MartinCell Phone in Casino Royale, as can be seen at the IPod Hub. This phone is also available for purchase, but only for those with a strong budget.


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Another Year, Another Reboot

Can you smell that? It's the smell of fresh pixels, of computers overclocking to keep up with all the memory Photoshop's using. Yes, today is May 1st, the day of a million reboots. For those of you thinking I'm on an acid trip, I'm not. I'm talking about the CSS Reboot and it's Flash Counterpart, the one that started it all.

While Textonic has been neglected for the second or third time in a row I did manage to do a miniature redesign of my portfolio, though the loss of PSD files prevented me from doing a complete overhaul. But you can see the progress here. IE users beware, the site is somewhat broken, and looks a whole lot better in Firefox or another similar browser. But don't worry, I'll be doing a complete redesign over the summer, maybe for the Fall CSS Reboot.

But other than my site a few reboots have really stuck out in my mind. One of those is the Random Shapes redesign, which I, unfortunately, had no part in this time around. Another brilliant site is that of, what an amazing new look, and who says Pink doesn't look good anymore? Now if only Evan would launch his redesign so I can give him some crap about it. 


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