Another Year, Another Reboot

Can you smell that? It's the smell of fresh pixels, of computers overclocking to keep up with all the memory Photoshop's using. Yes, today is May 1st, the day of a million reboots. For those of you thinking I'm on an acid trip, I'm not. I'm talking about the CSS Reboot and it's Flash Counterpart, the one that started it all.

While Textonic has been neglected for the second or third time in a row I did manage to do a miniature redesign of my portfolio, though the loss of PSD files prevented me from doing a complete overhaul. But you can see the progress here. IE users beware, the site is somewhat broken, and looks a whole lot better in Firefox or another similar browser. But don't worry, I'll be doing a complete redesign over the summer, maybe for the Fall CSS Reboot.

But other than my site a few reboots have really stuck out in my mind. One of those is the Random Shapes redesign, which I, unfortunately, had no part in this time around. Another brilliant site is that of, what an amazing new look, and who says Pink doesn't look good anymore? Now if only Evan would launch his redesign so I can give him some crap about it. 



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19 responses to “Another Year, Another Reboot

  1. I was like 99% done, but one of my final papers was due on that same day, so it took precedence in my work. I’m still working on a redesign. Soon, Kevin-san, soon.

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