Trash Talkers

As I've moved away from my family and closer to my friends over the past month or so I've learned one major thing, everything is not as it appears. Just when I think I've got a good group of friends I start to realize that they're all just backstabbers and liars. The people I like hate me, and the people I hang out with talk trash about me, so what's left, hanging out with people I don't know?

It's one thing for your friends to casually poke fun at you, as long as it's in good nature, but to put on a fake attitude is an entirely different thing. I don't want to come to your house and see you sitting there with a fake smile, only to hear from a mutual friend that you're talking smack about me behind my back. If you have something to say, say it directly to me. Don't wait for it to get back to me, because the beast only grows stronger in the meantime.

I'm not directing this at any one person, because it seems many of my friends talk trash about me. You all know who you are and for the record, I know a lot more than you seem to think. As for the regular readers of this site, thanks for the supporting comments and kind messages, they really help me get through the day. I'm writing this at 4:25 in the morning to help pass the time I have in-between work, sleep, dating, and the few true "friend moments" I have. I'll seriously try to put something worth your time up soon, but I really am sorry for my lack of activity.


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