On Being Outsourced

I’ve recently begun doing web design work as an outsourced employee, meaning I’ve been getting paid to do only a portion of a job. In my case that job is web design. While it hasn’t fully kicked in I’ve been getting paid 15% on all web design projects I take on, but I only complete one part of the project.

My main worry is that I’m placing these designs in my portfolio, yet the final product isn’t always what I have displayed. My main function in this whole process is actually drafting the website in Photoshop. From there I pass it on to another person who then proceeds to code the website, usually in tables. This leads to my second worry, displaying work in my portfolio that reflects poorly on my own talents. I specifically work in CSS and xHTML, yet most of the websites I have been working on end up littered with tables, and I surely don’t want those types of websites in my portfolio. While the average web user may not notice the difference, or even care at all, it’s the peer attention I’ll receive that has me debating whether or not I should actually place this work in my portfolio.

My main question is, would you place this type of work in your portfolio? I mean, I’m the one designing the visual side of the page, should it really matter what the other designer does to it after the skin’s peeled back? Let me know what you think.

And in case you’re wondering, this all ties in with my whole summer reinvention goal I’ll be writing about soon. If you’re a member of my forums, chances are you’ve probably already heard about it, but I think it’s exciting all the same.



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2 responses to “On Being Outsourced

  1. Assuming that your contract does allow you to place this work in a portfolio, I’d specifically say that you only designed it, not coded. You might even want to upload screenshots of your designs, in the case that by the other guy coding it he messed some of the design up (that’s happened to me).

  2. Yeah i’d say screenshots are your best bet and definately just state your role in the project. Maybe beef it up some more though (Concepts, Visual Design, XHTML, CSS, Development Consulting… you get the idea)

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