An Unwanted Trip becomes a Vacation – A Simple Justification for 2000 Miles of Boredom

To justify this extremely long and sure to be boring trip, it is now being called a vacation. Dates have been set, plans have been made, and the only thing I can look forward to is meeting some of the people I’ve associated with online in the past. I’ll be leaving on July 8th when I’ll make the 850 mile trip to Maryland, where I’ll stay with a friend for a few days. From there we embark on the second part of our trip which brings us to the New Bedford / Fair Haven area of Massachusetts.

I can only hope that I come across a solid wireless card before I leave, or it truly will be an extremely boring ride. And so I dont fall out of the loop of things even more than I already have I’ll be catching up in the design world so I actually have something of use for my design-inclined readers upon my return.

If anyone’s interested in meeting up along the way leave me a comment with your email or AIM screen name and I’ll get in contact with you as soon as I can.


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