Forgotten Favorites: Commit This To Memory

Every once and a while I come across an album that I really enjoy, but a rush of new music quickly pushes it to the back of my mind. Eventually I’ll rediscover that gem of an album, and when I do, I want everyone to know how great it is. I first heard of Motion City Soundtrack sometime early last year, and acquiredtheir entire new album, Commit This to Memory, later in the year, but with all the holiday releases it got shoved away.

If I have one thing to say about this album it’s got to be that it makes you feel great about yourself. While the lyrics may be depressing, violent, and despotic, the upbeat sound and just knowing that you have it so much better than the figures depicted in these songs makes you feel great. I’ve recently found my self in a state of depression and this album is slowly helping draw me out of it. It’s one of those albums that you’ll have set on repeat for a long time to come, from the high energy tunes of Everything is Alright, to the cruel lyrics of When You’re Around, all the way to the cheery mood depicted in Together We’ll Ring in the New Year, Commit This to Memory is not an album you’ll soon forget.

I hope Motion City Soundtrack’s next album is just as dark and cheery as this previous one. Does that even make any sense?



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2 responses to “Forgotten Favorites: Commit This To Memory

  1. Joe

    I like L G Fraud. It’s got a great beat and the lyrics kick ass. Isn’t it great to rediscover an old cd?


  2. Lol, I never liked garfield either the first movie was pretty bad..

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