Thank God for the British

If it weren’t for theme we wouldn’t have tea, oh how I love tea. Maybe it’s hereditary, or maybe I just like the taste, but I’m starting to take after my mother; a nice hot cup of tea in the morning and another one at night, but I’m so much worse. I can’t just have one cup, I have to have at least two, sometimes even three or four cups.

One Lipton tea bag, two spoonfuls of sugar, boiling hot water and some 2% fat milk to top it off. A cup of tea and incenses burning and I’m as close to bliss as you’ll ever see me. The tea provides me with a great tasting and relaxing drink while the fumes from the incense put me at ease, put the two together and you can focus on anything you set your mind to.

Thank God for the British and all that tea they brought with them. I guess it helps that I was born in the Boston area. And no, the water in the harbor doesn’t taste at all like tea, so don’t bother asking.



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2 responses to “Thank God for the British

  1. rendezvouscp

    Did you test the water yourself to make sure? 😉

  2. You should try Earl Grey: a bit of an acquired taste but worth it!

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