Forgotten Favorites: Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count

What can I say about From First to Last? They’ve been my all time favorite band for a long time now, and I was so excited about the release of Heroine earlier this year that I completely forgot about their major hit album Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count.

It’s a dark and dreary record that cuts straight through the bone right to the heart. The fast paced, heavy guitar riffs will leave the songs ringing in your ears while the genius lyrics will keep you wondering whether everything’s literal, or if it all has a second meaning. Note to Self was their breakout song with this one, but every song in between, from Ride the Wings of Pestilence to I Liked You Better Before You Were Naked on The Internet hits just as hard. And don’t forget to check out the hidden untitled song, also known as Dead Baby Kickball, an ode to bad relationships and fake girls.

Dear Diary was an impressive and explosive album, and since then From First to Last has been constantly on the rise, headlining two Warped Tours along with a ton of other packed shows. Show your support and check out their new album, Heroine, as well.


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