Ashley Pointe is a Bitch

Honestly, Ashley Pointe really is a bitch. You know that feeling you get when your skating around town and you find a really big hill with a lot of sweet spots on the way down? That’s the feeling I had when I approached Ashley Pointe, arguably one of the biggest, smoothest hills I’ve ever seen. That feeling stayed with me until I went to nosegrind a drain protector and slammed into the solid asphalt at 30 miles an hour.

I think my shoes and hat made it farther down the hill than my body did. The wind was gone from my body and I had blood running like a faucet from my knees, elbows, and hands. And the 30 minute walk back to the skateshop in the blazing heat didn’t make things any better. At least I got a ride home from there. A word of advice, when your board starts to wobble from all of the speed you’re gaining, it’s time to bail.


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