Friendship Sucks

What do you do when all of your friends hate you for one reason or another? My best friend wants to fight me because he assumes i’m only dating my girlfriend to get in her pants, my other friend thinks I stole his stolen iPod, and through all this most of my other friends have found a way to be mad at me too.

It’s time like these I wish I’d moved out of state when I had the chance. I could have made new friends and started over fresh, but no, I just had to come back. Friendship, and life in general, really sucks. I hate being in situations where trying to do the right thing makes you the bad guy. I genuinely like my girlfriend, I didn’t steal the iPod, and I honestly didn’t do anything to get everyone so pissed off at me. Well, I guess there’s always the internet, the only place where I can confide in true friends.

If you have any advice at all please throw it my way.



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21 responses to “Friendship Sucks

  1. Have you ever done anything similar in the past that would make people think that you’d do it again?

    If so, then if you want people to trust you again, you have to prove that you’ve changed since.

  2. I have recently experienced the same situation with a small group of my “friends”. After spending countless hours and energy trying to figure out why and how they could be so upset with me, I decided to simply move on and let them go. Why? Because if they were able to drop me as quickly as they did, over something completely ridiculous that didn’t even involve them directly, then, they were obviously not very good friends to begin with. I’ve learned that it’s definitely better to have fewer QUALITY friends, than to have many SHALLOW, SELF-SERVING, & generally WORTHLESS friends.

  3. Abie’s right…I’ve been through this kind of stuff before. Just let them go. If they can’t trust you, then it’s not worth wasting your time on them.

    Maybe give them some time, create some space between yourselves, and then see how things work out.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  4. someonee

    i feel the same way exceot my friends dun hate
    me they jus never include me in ne thing it hurts
    sometimess n i even cry soemtimes

  5. I’ve been through many faights lately.. The reason is always lack of trust. They’d make their own conclusion without listening to my explanations.. I sometimes doubt the strength of these relationships.. It feels very miserable indeed… Just try to talk to them, that’s just what I’m going to do. If nothing changes, I see no other solution but forgetting them and moving on..

  6. Tanny

    i’m in the same place myself rite now! except its my best friend…..n its like, wenever we have fights…she happily moves on and hangs out wid other ppl, and i’m left feeling like…hello, does this thing matter only to me??!! i’m hoping growing up a little more (21 right now)….will help in deflating egos a little and will give me more genuine friends!!

  7. hatinglife

    hey, i’m going through the same thing. specially today, i was in school and im a quiet person, and when im sleepy i dont talk at ALL. but my “friends” dont know that, and so one of them asked me how much did i got in my progress report, and i dont like to brag about the good things that happens to me, so i told her idk. she got mad at me and now the other also. and im like wtf? u get mad at me bcuz i dont tell u how much i got? and i know her, that if someone else gets something better than her, she get extremely jealous. so im like watever. but lately it has been like that. i try to talk to them but they shut me, i asked them wtf is going on and they blame me. so i try to change the things i think im doing wrong, and i try once again and again, bam, shutted up. i am friendless right now, no one at school likes me or knows me, soo…
    and i DO agree with you about internet being the only true friend. really, i’ve met two marvellous persons that live faaaar away from me, but whenever i hear smg about them, i wished i could be there.
    Internet is my life.

  8. Maya-JC

    U know i sumtym dont blv that there is any true or quality freneds on earth, maybe in heaven…who knows?? But sure the Lord Jesus is the only true frend. And its true that as ppl we often chase those that do not love us and ignore that would like to be part of our lives, I have experience this in my life, that the new frends i make, are the frends that drop me easily if i made a silly mistake but with the long childhood frends, they are always there for me, i always run to them when im dumped by my so called “new fresh frends”… and they always listen to me, pamper me and tell me everytime that they love me… Even now im in the verge of growing up…. like not to make many frends anymore but to stick with the old ones and show more love to them…but the problem is… they are all too far from me, so sometimes im kind of feelin lonely….and the sms conversations can be boring at time… distance friendship is no t really it…at times for me.

    But anyway….i think we should not really work too hard in our friendships, if a frend is really God sent, then that person shud not be a bagage in yo life, but a frend indeed.


  9. I too have a similar problem, except different. I’m the one who sees the fights, i see my friends hating each other. And as today proved to my deep fears, soon I would be dragged in and hated on. So yes it’s true. I cannot be friends with some people cause other people hate them…. i cannot be friends with others cause it’s wrong. WE ARE FRIENDS! Christ…. (sorry god) but I mean we should be sticking together through think and thin. And I mean, at least everyone hates someone in our group. It’s horrible, no matter how much I tried to hold it together…. in the end it will just die. And I need friends. I love my friends. And today what one of my friends said made em cry. And they don’t see how they hurt real people. To me they are not real, true, best friends. Neigh, I lost mine when I moved. So I stick with these guys, to get more depressed, stressed, and walking towards the darkness.

  10. Robert

    Dude let me tell you right now True friends are the rarest dam treasure there is!

  11. piwi

    im in a friendship fix at the moment and i feel absolutly helpless to the fact that it might be the end of it. when we met we were inseperable for close to two years…i kinda did somethig that doesnt affect her in any way exept maybe to be concerned about me. its to do with two guys. she feels like iv changed morally and now has become unbaribly indifferent towards me.i dont know but one things clear at the moment…friendships suck!

  12. Pravin

    I don’t believe in friends anymore because i had a couple of friends for whom i did lots of things but they just misused me and nothing else. It has been a long time when i was to have a friend whose name is Pravin Thakare(Nasik). I gave my valuable time, my blood and what not for this guy. One day when we were having one of our friends bachelor party he broke my teeth and for more than 18 months he kept me without treatment as when he broke my teeth he said that he will bare the expenses for the treatment. I was not having much earning at that time and he works with AAJTAK news as a cameraman. He kept on lying all the time, telling his false stories and kept on believing him like a idiot. For him, my heart and soul curse each and every day. He will Never have that he wants. I am going to write my complete story on one of my blog for sure. And when he read that story, he should get ashamed of himself.

  13. If your friends are gonna treat you like that then there not your friends. They are not you friends.
    They are just jealous of you. If you think your not gonna make any good friends in the future or you make new friends and the same thing happens
    then just figure out a way to occupy your life
    like working, or finding an activity you are good at.
    Being a rebel isn’t so bad. I’m a rebel myself and
    I’ve had the same problem with friends and roommates in the past.

  14. Pravin

    Yeah, i am doing the same Michael. I have made myself so much busy with my work and profession now that i don’t even have spare time for myself. Giving importance to our self is better than giving importance to others.

  15. RICHA

    read ur blog…….trust me…….m facing the same scene out here …… trustworthy frenz out here …….& those who were my real frenz r farr off….i hv no solution 4 u….as m facing the same ……..but……all i can say is…….hv patience……n wait all vl be just fine if u r true 2 ur self ……..

  16. karma

    life is a game
    life u are not the successful one u are out of the
    i read a book called secret
    it say that think about urself first and then others
    u must be a rich guy to donate
    i had success on my side once and then it didnt last
    long so were my friends
    i think they were jealous of me everytime i had an achivement
    why cant one just have love without the success condition
    i know that i would be at the top within short time
    but they wont be there for my celebrations
    so my friend be successful in whatever u do the world will follow u from anywhere

  17. rahul

    its true friendship sucks .
    i really dont wanna get into dis,friendship sucks for me ,no one understand my feelings for others,i don’t know wat was my fault.
    .i asked everybody to tell me i m ready to rectify ,i always did for dem ,well i think i hav a problem ,i expect from my frnds ,i want only feelings from dem nothing else,
    i really wanna make my future and wanna stay aways from so called frnd and i don’t wanna make new frnds , i always get hurted from my frnds,mostly i dint tell dem anything when dey hurted me ,but now its enough ,i dont like cheating in frndship ,but i got cheated lots of time,i really love dem ,i hav so called frnds but i don’t hav real frnds
    i dont trust dem,now i only concentrate in my life nowhere else

  18. My friends were everything 4 me but i am nothing for dem , dey always keep scolding me ……. my bestfriend does not even talk to me , i also said the word ‘ SORRY ‘ a thousand times but he is still not talking n they don’t understand my feelings …. 😦

  19. Jake Zimmer

    Yea. My friends are everything to me, but time after time they find ways to pin their problems on me; sometimes ive felt although the only solution would be to relocate. They never really include me in anything, and always find a way to wiggle out of plans ive put effort and time into. My advice, give them time, and if that fails, find new friends.
    Remember. quality not quantity.

  20. Avera

    Hell is other people. Sartre

  21. be mean with those guys don’t care about what are them saying being a mean guy
    don’t be nice it will make you weak be stronger and turn your back on them!!

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