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Being Sick Sucks

Yeah, I’m coming down with something, i think i picked it up from my mom and my stepdad. My nose is all stuffed up, I can’t breathe, and worst of all I’m gonna miss the biggest party of the year tomorrow night. But on the bright side, i’ll finally be able to get Textonic transferred over to my own host.


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Thank God for the British

If it weren’t for theme we wouldn’t have tea, oh how I love tea. Maybe it’s hereditary, or maybe I just like the taste, but I’m starting to take after my mother; a nice hot cup of tea in the morning and another one at night, but I’m so much worse. I can’t just have one cup, I have to have at least two, sometimes even three or four cups.

One Lipton tea bag, two spoonfuls of sugar, boiling hot water and some 2% fat milk to top it off. A cup of tea and incenses burning and I’m as close to bliss as you’ll ever see me. The tea provides me with a great tasting and relaxing drink while the fumes from the incense put me at ease, put the two together and you can focus on anything you set your mind to.

Thank God for the British and all that tea they brought with them. I guess it helps that I was born in the Boston area. And no, the water in the harbor doesn’t taste at all like tea, so don’t bother asking.


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Another Interuption

To keep it short, being a teen is difficult, and some things have come up that have prevented me from getting any online time at all over the past two weeks or so, so again I apologize, but will try to return to a normal blogging schedule as soon as possible.

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Redbox – The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Today was a pretty boring day. I sat around the house all day looking for something to do. AIM conversations were uneventful and overall I was in a bad mood, so a quick trip to the store was put in motion to get me out of the house. Upon realizing there wasn’t a single skate magazine in the entire store my bad mood quickly returned and all was dark again.

At least until I stumbled upon what may be the single greatest thing ever, Redbox, a simple small machine that allows you to rent new movies for the small price of $1 plus some tax. How great is this? A brand new movies for a night for a buck, if they had these in Florida Blockbuster would lose at least one customer.

So as we finished checking out we made our way over to the strange red machine, a large man stood in front of us flying through the rental process like a pro. I was the first to ask about the machine, and after learning how simple a process it was I proceeded to rent two movies, Madea’s Family Reunion and Failure to Launch. Unfortunately Ultraviolet was unavailable.

Again, this has to be the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread. If anyone of high power in Florida reads this, please get a Redbox in my area. I’d be eternally grateful.

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Happy 4th of July

For all of the Americans out there reading this, happy Independence Day. Today’s a day to enjoy the time you get to spend with your family and friends. Go outside and enjoy nature, light off some fireworks, and just have fun. Now I’m not gonna go on some huge rant about the independence of our nation and how you should celebrate it, so I’ll leave you with this, enjoy it while it lasts.

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An Unwanted Trip becomes a Vacation – A Simple Justification for 2000 Miles of Boredom

To justify this extremely long and sure to be boring trip, it is now being called a vacation. Dates have been set, plans have been made, and the only thing I can look forward to is meeting some of the people I’ve associated with online in the past. I’ll be leaving on July 8th when I’ll make the 850 mile trip to Maryland, where I’ll stay with a friend for a few days. From there we embark on the second part of our trip which brings us to the New Bedford / Fair Haven area of Massachusetts.

I can only hope that I come across a solid wireless card before I leave, or it truly will be an extremely boring ride. And so I dont fall out of the loop of things even more than I already have I’ll be catching up in the design world so I actually have something of use for my design-inclined readers upon my return.

If anyone’s interested in meeting up along the way leave me a comment with your email or AIM screen name and I’ll get in contact with you as soon as I can.

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Another year, another birthday. That’s right, my birthday is only a few weeks away, but this is no ordinary birthday, no, it’s my 16th birthday. The birthday all teens look forward to. It represents another step towards adulthood; driving, serious relationships, and so on and so forth, but not for me.

No, to me my 16th birthday is merely the mark of another year I’ve been able to survive in this world. There will continue to be no driving for me, no serious relationships (not that I haven’t done my share of casual dating), and nothing that makes me seem any more adult than I already am. I won’t be spending this great day with my friends, I won’t be having a massive party, and I won’t be featured on MTV with all the other brats of the world.

Nope, it’s just another day in just another week, as part of just another month in the year in the life of just another angst-filled teenager. Oh, dear life, how I enjoy thee. And to top things off I just learned that I wont be home spending the day with friends. Oh no, that would be too much fun for me. Instead I’ll be in Massachusetts visiting a grandfather who I’ve met maybe four or five times in my life. I’ll be spending time with my family I despise, cousins I don’t enjoy being around, and aunts and uncles who, quite frankly, scare me half to death. Maybe I can find a nice skatepark to keep me busy. One can only hope…

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